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Now That's More Like It

Title: Now That’s More Like It!

Disclaimer: Bones and its affiliated characters do not belong to me. I mean no copyright infringement.

Summary: Each “chapter” is a one-shot. I have either rewritten an ending for a single episode or for a single scene in an episode. There are no connections between the one-shots. Therefore, I’m only relying on the episodes to lead me and not others story endings that I have written. Each new chapter/ending will list the spoilers and rating since they are one-shots.

Spoilers: 1, 5

Rating: K+

Author’s Note: I included an earlier scene from the show along with the ending because I reference it in my new ending.

This alternate ending is written from the perspective that the characters knew their background as seen in the 100th episode flashbacks. If I had written from the perspective of the air date, I would have simply ended this version earlier. I will identify that place at the end off the story.

The Man in the Wall

(Season 1)

New Extended Ending

(after the 100th episode flashbacks)

From the TV Show (Booth is in italics):

(There may be slight variations to the words due to error in listening and recording. Some lines were eliminated.)

Earlier Scene (In the car):

“I think I need to go on vacation and I think you do, too.”

“I’m not the one who is snippy.”

“Snippy. What are you? Like 70?”

“See what I mean? I think you should find a nice relaxing place for that vacation. Somewhere where you can get a massage, maybe do some yoga.”

“I don’t do yoga. Push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups. That’s what I do. Ok?”

“That’s more cardiovascular. Yoga deals more with…”

He interrupted her. “Why, exactly, are we talking about this?”

“Because you’re tense.”

“Because we’re talking.” He turned on the radio. “You switched my music.”

From the TV Show (Booth is in italics):

(There may be slight variations to the words due to error in listening and recording. Some lines were eliminated.)

Ending Scene in the Show (In the bar):

“Getting in the mood?”

“Trying. Ya know, this really isn’t going to be the type of vacation I was hoping for.”


“Tessa’s not going. Something came up at work.”

“That’s too bad. Sorry. Hey, I like going on vacations by myself.”


“There’s nothing wrong with being alone.”

“No. I mean you like to go on vacation?”

“Yeah. I go places all the time.”

He smiled. “Do you ever just sit on the beach?” His smile widened. He was clearly amused. “Pretend there are no such things as skeletons?” His smile was close to a laugh.

“Is that in anyway fun?”

“When was the last time you got away?”

“Away from what?”

He laughed. “Oh Bones, you know, cuz what usually happens to me… I think about not coming back.” He got up and put on his jacket.


“Yeah, you know… You go with someone and you joke about not going back to your real life. The two of you laugh.” He walked toward the door and turned around. “But when you’re alone, the world is full of possibilities.” She slightly smiled. He looked at her as if he was waiting and hoping for a specific response.

“See ya next week,” she finally stated.

He turned around and walked out. She stopped twirling the umbrella from his drink, dropped it and then dropped her chin on her fist like she was disappointed.


He walked back into the bar and stopped behind her without being seen. “You know what Bones?”

She turned around looking confused. “What?”

“Beaches are relaxing. And most hotels have massages. I dare you to go with me and try to relax.”

“Why would I do that?”

He graced her with his charming grin. “Because you don’t know how. All you do is work. And you get “snippy”, too.” Her facial expression said, “Really?”

“Come on….” He dragged out the plea. “I’ll show you what a real vacation is like.” She looked skeptical. “Do you like snorkeling?”

“You were going with Tessa…. One room… one bed.”

“I’ll figure it out when we get there. It’s not like I’m going to try anything. We’re partners… like brother and sister. Right?”

“Okay then. I’ll go.”

“Really?” He was truly shocked.

“Really. That’s if you’re really inviting me and not trying to turn this into a joke.”

“No. No, I’m just surprised that you would go. This is great, Bones!”

“I can be full of surprises too, you know. Like the music.”

“Yeah!” He nodded his head. “You can surprise me. You’re not going to freak me out on this vacation, are you?”

“That’s not hard to do.”

He laughed some more. His vacation may not be bad after all. He was already feeling better. “You need to pack.”

“And call Dr. Goodman.”

“He’ll be okay with the last minute notice. After all, he did make you go with me on the case with the bear…” He looked pointedly at her to emphasize the rest. “… because you needed culture.”

“He didn’t say that.”

“But that’s what he meant.”

“If you want me to go with you, you need to stop insulting me.”

They were quiet while they walked out.

“Are you sure about this?”

“Yes, I’m sure. Partners can share a vacation. Our work requires a break now and then. The real kind.”

“What if I ruin your vacation? We’re always fighting.”

“We don’t fight, Bones. We bicker. There’s a difference. And if you start to get snippy, I’ll send you for a massage and I’ll go to the beach.” He smiled proudly at himself for solving that one. “Stop thinking, Bones. Do something crazy without planning it. Live on the wild side.”

“I think I can do that. The last guy I dated said…”

“Stop. I don’t want to know about your bed partners.”

She rolled her eyes at him. “If you want me to be wild, you could always pretend to fire me.” She gave him a sly smile.

He gaped at her. “What?” He squeaked.

“It was just an idea, Booth. I told you it’s easy to freak you out. What time do you need me to be ready?”


Brennan opened her door for Booth. “I’m almost ready. I’ll hurry. Five minutes tops.”

“Wait.” She turned around with a questioning expression. “Paybacks are can be shocking. If you can freak me out, I get the chance, too.” He smiled mischievously. Now she looked curious. He walked right into her personal space and placed a soft kiss on her lips. He chuckled softly. “It’s good to know I can silence you.” Her eyebrows rose but she quickly recovered and simply glared at him. “No Tequila this time. Go get your stuff, Bones. The plane won’t wait for us.”

She returned with her luggage. She wasn’t about to let him have the upper hand. She sat her suitcase and carry-on on the carpet and went to get her purse and keys. When she came back to the door, Booth had her suitcase. “Ready?” she asked.

Booth was surprised. “You’re going to let me carry your suitcase?”

“I don’t mind. That way I can do this.” He grabbed him by the collar of his jacket and pulled him close giving him only a moment to process what she was going to do. The kiss reminded him of the one they shared a year and a half ago. “This should be an interesting trip, Booth.” She smiled like she won a gold medal.


A week later, Brennan and Booth returned from Jamaica.

“Is it good to be back Bones?””

“I thought I wasn’t supposed to want to come back.”

“Dr. Temperance Brennan not wanting to go back to work? Doesn’t seem possible.”

“I think I relaxed.”

“It was a nice start. There’s still room for improvement. We may have to do this again sometime.”

“The FBI may get suspicious of you firing and rehiring me multiple times. Don’t you think?”

He laughed. “That was a great joke, Bones!” Redirecting the conversation he complimented her. “You got a nice tan while we were gone. Angela will probably be jealous.” She looked ready to spout some scientific facts about the sun and tans. “Bones, just accept the compliment. Remember? It’s a nice thing.”

“But you shouldn’t feel a need to offer them all the time, Booth.”

He sighed. “I compliment you because I want to. I’m not making things up.”

The bickering continued just like normal. They were back to their real lives and everything that came with it. Booth would accept it… for now.


Author’s Notes: If I had written this ending from the perspective of the air date, I would have simply ended this version at “She rolled her eyes at him.”

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