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Images for my fanfic, Sweet's Plan for the Truth

In chapter 30 of my story, Sweets' Plan for the Truth, I imagines Cam and Brennan wearing these dresses to the bar.

Cam's Dress - a Jax sleeveless black & white satin colorblock dress

Brennan's Dress - ASL Annabella chiffon sleeveless V-neck dress

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Season Six's Top 50 Awards

In honor of all of the TV awards being voted on by fans on fan-sites, I have some of my own awards to give. Season 6’s Top 50 Awards:

  1. Best Storyline: Broadsky
  2. Worst Storyline: Hannah
  3. Best Episode of the Season: The Hole in the Heart (Second place: The Signs in the Silence; Third Place: The Bullet in the Brain)
  4. Worst Episode of the Season: The Couple in the Cave (Second Place: The Body in the Bag; Third place: The Feet on the Beach)
  5. Best Episode Title: The Mastodon in the Room, the season premier
  6. Most unexpected moment: Brennan being pregnant/finale “cliffhanger” The Change in the Game
  7. Best guest character: Agent Genevieve Shaw in The Hole in the Heart.
  8. Hottest guest character: The Finder, Walter Sherman, in The Finder.
  9. Most annoying supporting character: Dr. Sweets
  10. Most ridiculous scene: Hannah asking for Brannan’s glasses in The Bones that Weren’t. (Second Place: When Cam cheats by writing an essay for a college application for Michelle in The Babe in the Bar; Third Place: Max explaining that he broke his leg falling out of bed while having sex with a 36 year old woman in the finale, The Change in the Game.)
  11. Most WTF moment: Booth asking Brennan to lie to Angela & Hodgins so he could go have sex with Hannah at the end of The Babe in the Bar.
  12. Most depressing scene: Booth’s speech to Brennan in the bar after Hannah turned down his proposal at the end of The Daredevil in the Mold.
  13. Most aggravating scene: Booth turning down Brennan in the SUV after saving her from being hit by the car… and saying that Hannah wasn’t a consolation prize at the end of The Doctor in the Photo.
  14. Most skin crawling scene: post-coital scene with Booth and Hannah when Booth suggests Hannah move in with him in The Maggots in the Meathead. Did anyone else hate seeing Booth being so affectionate when he kissed Hannah on the calf when she was on the phone? Ugh! Wrong girl, Booth!
  15. Most unbelievable moment: Parker bonding with Hannah and Booth being all gaga over Hannah because of it in The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck.
  16. Saddest moment: Vincent Nigel-Murray dieing in The Hole in the Heart.
  17. Best Kiss: Booth and Brennan in the bowling alley in the finale, The Change in the Game.
  18. Funniest moment: Premier episode when Clark talked about how B&B should have just ripped each other’s clothes off and done it in The Couple in the Cave. (Second place: Hodgins after Angela told him to leave and go see Cam after Brennan told her about getting in bed with Booth in The Hole in the Heart.)
  19. Most fun non-B&B scene: Hodgins and Vincent acting out the arm wrestling match between man & dinosaur in the finale, The Change in the Game.
  20. Most fun B&B scene: at the end of The Truth in the Myth when Booth was teasing Brennan (Second Place: Booth’s excitement over Brennan singing for the science dude’s show in The Body in the Bounty; Third place: Booth joining Brennan while jogging in The Killer in the Crosshairs.)
  21. Best discovery: Booth goes commando when he doesn’t have any clean underwear in The Pinnochio in the Planter.
  22. Most heart-warming scene: B&B bedroom scene after Vincent died in The Hole in the Heart.
  23. Most grotesque scene: The gravedigger’s head being blown away in The Bullet in the Brain.
  24. The cheesiest & most squee moment: B&B writing the date they think they will be ready for each other and then burning them at the end of The Blackout in the Blizzard.
  25. Sweetest scene: Brennan accepting the shell from Max and Booth watching from the diner’s window at the end of The Bullet in the Brain. (Second Place: In the ending scene of The Blackout in the Blizzard when Booth didn’t stop Brennan from rambling about the odds of the stadium seats being the same ones Booth and his dad sat in.)
  26. Best AW moment: Booth’s slowly developing smile after Brennan tells him she’s pregnant with his child at the end of the finale, The Change in the Game. (Second place: “Id like you to meet my son, Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins,” in The Change in the Game.)
  27. Best AHA moment: Booth realizing that he didn’t want his relationships to be just about luck at the end of The Signs in the Silence.
  28. Best “Go Booth” moment (TIE): telling Brennan she was staying with him… and when he took lead of the team after Vincent died in The Hole in the Heart.
  29. Most missed moment (TIE): 1. B&B passionate kiss; 2. B&B in bed after being intimate and 3. Brennan & Angela’s talk about B&B being “together” for the first time.
  30. What was missing from season 6: B&B chemistry and eye-sex (Second place: Booth’s cocky belt buckle; Third Place: Booth in the lab/Brennan’s office; Fourth Place: A guy for Brennan to date while Booth was with Hannah.)
  31. Most FanFic Moment: Booth offering Brennan his sweatshirt to wear to sleep in.
  32. Best line: “I don't need a search warrant. This land belongs to Seeley Booth,” in The Bullet in the Brain. (Second place: “There’s only one person you love the most,” at the end of The Sin in the Sisterhood; Third Place:” You can be my girlfriend,” in the finale, The Change in the Game; Fourth Place: “Bang! Mamma Bones!” “That’s not how it works, Booth.” “I think that’s how it works,” in The Signs in the Silence.)
  33. Best camera work: the montage scene before Vincent was shot in The Hole in the Heart.
  34. Best music background: Make You Feel My Love by Edele at the end of the finale, The Change in the Game.
  35. Best wardrobe scene: B&B bar scene at the end of The Finder… They were HOT!
  36. Worst new saying: This is Temperance Brennan, my associate.
  37. Most ridiculous change in character development: Fischer being optimistic.
  38. Most annoying supporting character: Dr. Sweets
  39. The worst thing about Hannah: how she changed Booth to being an unattractive creep towards Bones.
  40. Best proof that Brennan knows Booth better than Hannah: The telephone in The Maggots in the Meathead and the Tommy guns in The Bikini in the Soup.
  41. Most shallow Hannah moment: When she told Booth that she didn’t think that he would propose (expect more from her) so soon and she told him she didn’t think they were done yet in The Daredevil in the Mold.
  42. “Was it really necessary?”: Booth’s proposal in The Daredevil in the Mold (Second Place: mentioning Hannah when she wasn’t in the episode)
  43. Best acted Booth scene: Booth’s speech to Brennan in the bar after Hannah turned down his proposal at the end of The Daredevil in the Mold.
  44. Best acted Brennan scene: When she expressed her regrets to Booth in the SUV after he saved her from being hit by a car in the rain at the end of The Doctor in the Photo. (Second Place: Brennan’s smile after Angela asked her what happened after she got into bed with Booth in The Hole in the Heart.)
  45. Best acted T.J. scene: When he told Wendell about the disorder his and Angela’s baby might have and how he compared it to someone winning the lottery in The Blackout in the Blizzard.
  46. Best acted Angela scene: Her reactions to Brennan telling her that she got into bed with Booth in The Hole in Heart.
  47. Best acted Cam scene: Telling the team that they had limited time to solve the case on Valentine’s Day in The Bikini in the Soup.
  48. Best acted Sweets scene: His good cop/bad cop scene with Booth while interrogating Amy’s fake parents in The Signs in the Silence.
  49. Best acted Caroline Scene: When she was helping Sweets after he listened to the Gravedigger tell him how incompetent he was in The Bullet in the Brain.
  50. Best acted Max scenes: his facial expressions in the bowling alley in the finale, The Change in the Game.


The First Annual GMMR Awards' Results

Favorite actor (drama): David Boreanaz (BONES)
Favorite actress (drama): Emily Deschanel (BONES)
Favorite actor (comedy): Chris Colfer (GLEE)
Favorite actress (comedy): Jane Lynch (GLEE)
Favorite comedy series: THE BIG BANG THEORY
Favorite drama series: BONES
Most improved series: BONES
Most disappointing season: GLEE
Moment that made us repeatedly rewind our DVR: BONES: Brennan is pregnant
Best season finale cliffhanger: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES
Worst season finale cliffhanger: GLEE
Favorite line: “I’m pregnant…you’re the father.” – Brennan (BONES)
Favorite couple (together): BONES: Booth and Brennan
Favorite couple (not together): THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Damon and Elena
Favorite “out of the box” episode: CASTLE: “To Love and Die in LA”
Biggest tearjerker: BONES: Vincent Nigel-Murry is killed
Character most in need of a storyline: Cam (BONES)
Show most in need of an end date: HOUSE
We’re preemptively sorry you got robbed of an Emmy nod (male): Ian Somerhalder (THE VAMPIRE DIARIES)
We’re preemptively sorry you got robbed of an Emmy nod (female): Nina Dobrev (THE VAMPIRE DIARIES)
Most anticipated new show: NEW GIRL
Show we were most sorry to see go: LIE TO ME
Most disappointing off-screen exit: Lisa Edelstein (HOUSE)


Favorite line: “I’m pregnant…you’re the father.” – Brennan (BONES) - I voted for Booth's line in the first Broadsky episode, The Bullet in the Brain... "This land belongs to Seeley Booth."

Character most in need of a storyline: Cam (BONES) - I'm so glad that she won this category! I see no chemistry with the doctor and who thought it was a good idea for Cam to cheat to get her daughter into a better university?

Most improved series: BONES - This one confused me since I considered season 6 to be awful and at one time thought the show would end because of it. Maybe people thought it was most improved since the end of season 6 saved the show from impending doom???

Click here for the article.

Recent tweets & photos from David...

I love these Tweets about Bones season 7!

July 10 - Read new epp of Bones, start of Season 7! Hold on it's gonna be good.

July 10 Retweet from Stephen Nathan- Big day at . Today we begin prep on the first episode of season 7! We need a gross set of remains. And a very comfortable bed.

July 15 - This will be the funniest Season on Bones. Banter and crime solving..oh, and a Baby. Word is the baby will be Jonathan Winters.

I love seeing photos of David with his kids. The bedhead cracks me up on David, but it's just plain cute on Bella! :)

David Boreanaz's photo Morning Child
David Boreanaz on WhoSay

David Boreanaz's photo On the ice
David Boreanaz on WhoSay

I love the socks... but with shorts? Hmm...

David Boreanaz's photo Kicking back
David Boreanaz on WhoSay

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Make You Feel My Love

There's a lot of love for Bones on YouTube with this song!

Booth and Brennan: Make You Feel My Love (Giiih182)

Bones - Make You Feel My Love (Sazzle87)

Booth and Brennan: Make You Feel My Love (TheLovelyBones1)

Booth & Brennan - To Make You Feel My Love (cntrygrl85)

Booth/Bones - Make You Feel My Love (WallyofDW)

Booth/Brennan - Make You Feel My Love (FerryboatDreamer2010)

Brennan and Booth - To Make You Feel My Love (Somara89)


Vote for Bones!

AWARDS - Part 1

Bones, David, and Emily are in 5 categories!

Click here to vote!

AWARDS - Part 2

Bones, David, Emily and Vincent are in 7 categories!

Click here to vote!

AWARDS - Part 3

Bones, David, Emily and Cam are in 4 categories!

Click here to vote!

Comic-Pro or Comic-Con?

I wish I could go to Comic-Con!

At the bottom, it's advertising season 6 on DVD. I have seasons 1-5, but there is no way I'll be buying season 6 for only a handful of good shows. Why would I want to relive the nightmare? Anyone else want to guess why it isn't being released until October?

TV/Line - July 8, 2011

In the media... EW, TV Guide, & TV/Line

Sandra! Please, need some Bones info! — Chrissie
You know by now that when we pick up with the series, Bones will be in bloom! But John Francis Daley tells us that while Sweets is over the moon about the new bond shared by Bones and Booth, the rest of the team might not have the same reaction. “I think [Sweets] will be thrilled about Bones’ pregnancy because he was the biggest cheerleader for the two of them getting together. This is all of the hard work he believed he did toward the goal of getting them together paying off. I think others on the team might not be happy about it. It is certainly gonna complicate the workplace vibe. I’m sure they will have fun with it as much as they can because that’s the tone of our show in general.”

Entertainment Weekly - July 8, 2011

My response: In my opinion, Sweets has been a fair-weathered friend of B&B being together. When the brain scan didn't show what he wanted, he told Booth he wasn't in love with Bones. When Booth was with Hannah, he encouraged him to propose. I used to like Sweets... past tense!

Angela used to be B&B's biggest fan. But when Hannah entered the picture, Angela gave up. Angela & Brennan didn't have much to do with each other most of the season. Maybe she'll redeem herself as Brennan's best friend. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Question: Are we gonna get a Bones Christmas episode this season? They had one in Season 5, but not in Season 6. So I think it’s time dust off the mistletoe! —Hanna
At this point, “nothing’s planned,” responds exec producer Stephen Nathan. “But since we will be airing in the middle of December, we might toss in a snowman or something. Could be a nice murder, thawing out Frosty and finding the clues in a puddle of water.” You mess with Frosty, you mess with my childhood. Tread lightly, Nathan. Tread lightly.

TV/Line - July 5, 2011

My Response: As much as I'd like to have a Christmas episode, it wouldn't make much sense because they're moving ahead the timeline like they did with season 6 (coming back 7 months later). Although, I think the writers forgot they did that since that would have meant that the team would have been back in D.C. in December and Hannah was gone before Valentine's Day. Of course, I don't mind if all of the bad stuff happened very quickly, but it wasn't realistic. So.... if they want to have an unrealistic time jump for Christmas, I'm all for it. What does a calendar mean in the Bones-verse... not much! LOL!

If you think Bones' seventh season is just going to be about diaper-changing and nap time, think again: The show is introducing a new villain, has learned.

"This is someone who is an extremely odd and fearless foe," executive producer Stephan Nathan tells us, comparing the character to such past serial killers as Gormogon and The Gravedigger. "Only he's going to be much more of a 21st-century, tech-savvy foe."

Fox announced last week that Bones won't premiere until Nov. 3, which will allow the network to air six episodes in the fall before star Emily Deschanel takes her maternity leave. Nathan says those six episodes will primarily focus on expectant parents Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Deschanel) preparing to raise their child together, but they will also introduce the new killer, who will take a while to subdue.

"At the end of [Episode] 6, we want to leave with a real surprise for the audience from a plot point of view," Nathan says. "I'm not necessarily talking about Booth and Brennan... [but this] nefarious character, who we will follow for a little bit this season and perhaps next."

TV Guide - July 1, 2011

My Response: I'm really hoping for excitement in the last episode in December for both B&B and with the new villian. I think a high-tech villian would be fun, but I'm concerned that it would be too far off for a case that would involve Bones. But I'm willing to see if it could work. As far as B&B, I'm glad they will be focusing on them as well as the case. I feel like we've missed too much of their new relationship already and it has me bummed. I wasn't expecting super sweet dates and roses. (I mean daffofils.) But come on, everything seems so unrealistic right now. I hope the writers can convince the audience that the newest storyline is something viewers want to see. They did a very horrible job with season six.

What I'd like to see most is Booth having to deliver their baby. That would be hilarious!

ADAM: Executive producer Stephen Nathan confirms that the Nov. 3 premiere deals with an amnesia victim, which forces Booth and Brennan to reflect on their own pasts. That means that Ryan O'Neal will be returning as Brennan's father, but will we meet any of Booth's family in the process? "We'll be dealing with an important aspect of Booth's family as well," Nathan says. "Both of them had quite unique and difficult upbringings. It's about finding out how memories affect [them] going forward."

TV Guide - July 5, 2011

My Response: I'm really looking forward to this. I wonder if we will see a return of Hank or Jared rather than a "new" family member. I could do without Jared but would love to see Hank again. Meeting Booth's dad would make for an interesting story. Do we know anything about his mom? I can't remember anything about her.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Less than 24 hours after HH and SN tweet about the premier...

... this news hits the media:

1. The season 7 premier is titled: “The Memories in the Shallow Grave.”

2. “The first episode will pick up with Brennan moving into the third trimester of her pregnancy” — just as her portrayer, Emily Deschanel, will be come fall — reveals exec producer Stephen Nathan. “Brennan is still the same strong character and shows no sign of slowing down. She attacks each case as she always has, although she must now deal with the realities of being pregnant.” Meaning…? “Small spaces are a challenge.”

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TWEETS that made me laugh....

Hart Hanson
in reply to ↑
Stephen Nathan
They call me 'Breezy.'
5 hours ago via web

On Vacation

David Boreanaz has been obsessed with Twitter ever since he started his own account inearly April. So I was surprised to read his posting on June 15 that said,

"Congrates to Boston. See everyone next Season. I'm off line for awhile, enjoy the tweet world everyone."

I seriously wondered how long it would last. As of this evening, he's still off-line and so is Jamie! I'm proud of them for taking themselves out of the public for awhile... well, at least as much as possible. Apparently, the media still has their cameras on him. It's hard to be mad at them when I love the photos so much. Does that make me a bad person?

The following photos were found in the Boneyard on the Fox site.

David, Jaime, Bella and Jaden at the LAX Airport leaving on a mini vacation,
June 17, 2011.

And look where they were found! In Hawaii... very lucky!
(And I think we're very lucky to see these hot pics of David!)

Comic-Con 2011

BONES is going to Comic-Con this summer after all!

* Bones (David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel,
exec producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan,
plus cast members of The Finder)

Read more at TV/Line.

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Hart's opinion on the (Anti)Social Media & on FANS

Hart Hanson, Bones' showrunner, is pictured on the far left.

Hart Hanson has a lot of reasons to be grateful for Bones fans. They helped turn the show he created into an indisputable, if unassuming, hit: it was FOX’s number one scripted series for the 2010/11 season, and its spinoff, The Finder has been picked up for next season. But there's also a downside to success, especially on social media sites where some of the most passionate fans can be less than sociable...

Read more:

My thoughts: Hart Hanson and Stephen N. have hurt their reputations through Twitter and through interviews because of their negative views of fans. SN's comment about fans wanting porn almost makes me want to quit watching Bones. They are insulting even to respectful "super fans." What they don't understand is there are super fans that are not on the internet because they didn't grow up using it. Think about it. Even David's generation (mine) has been slow to use the internet.

FOX All Access

After seven seasons and 129 episodes in the can, the FOX hit series Bones continues to have a large fan base. Many have different reasons why they love the show, including the chemistry between the cast members, and the fun stories that each episode features.

Recently, we spoke to Emily Deschanel who plays Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan, and asked her why she thinks the show is successful after all these seasons.



My opinion: I think the success of the show the first 5 seasons was because of the chemistry between the characters and the humor. It sadly was missing for most of season 6. I think many fans (on the internet or not) hung onto hope that it would return to being the show they fell in love with in the first place. (And yes, I blame the Hannah storyline. She caused the storyline to neccesitate the lack of chemistry of the team because the center didn’t hold. I liked the Cam and Sully storylines, but Hannah was a flop.)


Bones Season Six Ratings by Biba79

Created by Biba79 on the Bonesology site. Click on the photo for a bigger view or click on Biba79 to go directly to the posting.

I know a lot of fans want to dismiss the falling ratings to it being a holiday thing in December. If that makes people feel better, that's fine. But I disagree.

Since it was talked about in the summer, I was looking forward to The Doctor in the Photo. But I was one of many, many fans over at the Boneyard who had given up on the show and stopped watching. Some people quit before I did. Some people said they were quitting after TDitP. I skipped both episodes in December because I was getting depressed and that's not how I wanted to spend my weekend.

I came back in January and almost didn't return after the first episode, but the Bullet in the Brain preview brought me back and I'm glad I stuck with it after that. Since then, I've seen the ending of TDitP. I may watch all of it at a later date. The Twisted truck episode... It's unlikely I'll ever watch it.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

What did those smiles mean? (Season 6 Finale)

TV Guide - Mega Buzz

Is it just me, or did Brennan seem shocked that Booth was happy about her being pregnant on Bones? — Josh

It's not just you. "There was a little something in that," executive producer Stephen Nathan says. "She's spent six years slowly becoming more and more in touch with a softer side of herself. And this was sort of one final emotional touch from Booth that says, 'You can enjoy this. You can accept this as the most wonderful thing in the world.'"

Click HERE to read it on TV Guide.


I usually don't like what SN has to say, but his answer was so... right. They've grown to trust each other, love each other and become better people together than they are apart. Booth has helped her tear down those walls. The last thing she wanted to learn was the happiness of, as Bones would say it, having progeny. She was insecure and he gave her assurance. As much as I wanted to see a kiss, I think the smiles and what they meant was the perfect ending to a tough season. It had me feeling so good that I decided to find some good photos that showed their journey. Please forgive me if a couple are out of order.


BuddyTV - Bones & Finder

Characters Returning and Replaced

Yes, the show is off the air. But it is not off of our minds yet, so there is still plenty to report. We don't know where Bones is going with that little pregnancy thing yet, unfortunately. Sorry. You'll just have to be satisfied with other pieces of Bones and Finder news.

Thanks to some information picked up from TVLine, we can report some casting rumors from both Bones and The Finder. Of course, thanks to the time of the year, none of this is definite. What can you do?

A Sidekick for Booth?

No, this does not mean any sort of replacement for Brennan. Bones has already gone down that road and beaten the fans over their heads with the journey. So that's not the issue here. Instead, Booth may be looking at a younger shadow over at the FBI.

Tina Majorino, who prominently played FBI Agent Genny Shaw during the season 6 episode, "The Hole in the Heart," may be back next fall. The Shaw character was fairly obviously open-ended, so there's no plot reason to not bring her back. And, according to a quote in TVLine, Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan would be fine with Majorino's return: "We love Tina and would love to have her back next year."

It's only fair, if you think about it. Brennan has her endless parade of rotating squinterns, so why doesn't Booth get help too? Granted, the character of Genny Shaw has thus far been pretty straight-laced. She's going to have to come up with a whole bunch of quirks if the character is going to recur on a show like Bones.

And a New Sidekick for Walter

Over on The Finder, we're definitely going to be have a new sidekick thrown into the mix. The co-star from the pilot episode (seen during Bones' season 6), Saffron Burrows will be replaced for the series itself.

Instead of an English bartender named Ike, we're going to have a teenager named Willa.
Willa will be around 17 years old and will have the same sort of criminal, shady past that Ike was supposed to have. This probably means an awful lot of lock-picking and other petty crimes, unless Willa has a past as a very young criminal mastermind.

The part has not yet been cast. As far as any rumors are concerned, neither of the other main Finder characters (Walter and Leo) will change for the series.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Status of My FanFiction Stories

Stories in Progress

Sweet's Plan for the Truth - 5 or more chapters left

A Hero's Sacrifice - Approx. 4 chapters left

The Trouble in the Triangle - Approx. 5 chapters left

What Could Have Been - Approx. 3 chapters left

On-going Collection of One-shots

Now, that's more like it!

Stories Coming Next

He Called me Doc - A sequel to He Called me Baby (Booth arrives back to D.C. from Afghanistan early because of a medical problem.)

In Your Eyes - A series of independent scenes that would be fun to see on screen in season 7

The Sweetest Gift - A sequel to Sweet's Plan for the Truth (It will focus on B&B's growing relationship and follow the lives of Chase, Sweets, and Cam. Other Bones characters will be included.)

Completed Stories

He Called me Baby - post season 5 finale

The Revelation in the Diner - post season 5 finale

Ringing in the New Bones - set before the 100th episode

A Blizzard of Confessions, Wishes, & Promises - set before The Blackout in the Blizzard

Signs of New Life - set before The Hole in the Heart

You can find these stories HERE.


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One fan's opinion - No Backtracking in Season 7


Bonesology - General Spoilers - What does everyone think?

This response was posted on June 6, 2011 by mommahurley. Click the link HERE.

Yep... I can say I feel strongly that there will be no backtracking next season... just a new kind of evolution. They are together...they consider themselves a real solid's just going to be about maneuvering through the waters of how exactly they will do all of it. How they will comingle their different approaches and viewpoints while respecting the other, and doing what they feel is right for their child. I think we will see less "making out" and more "loving". I think we will see challenges, misunderstandings (and by this I can envision those misunderstandings being more of, each trying to make the other happy without really quite understanding what that is that will make them happy...but some interesting negotiations in trying to figure that out!) and ultimately some really good chemestry!

I think the arrival and the gestation of this baby will be quite unlike Hodgela baby...because Brennan and Booth are so totally unlike Hodgela in every way. I can imagine Brennan wanting to work until the minute the baby arrives, and metaphorically squat in the woods as women have done for centuries... Booth would be aghast at this kind of chance taking, but he'd respect her wishes. I can also see something like the baby arriving suddenly and without warning and they having to deliver it themselves... Brennan coaching Booth along. the total experience for Booth that he did not get the first time! And so ultra "What's theirs is theirs".... Of course, I'm sure the writier have something in mind that we haven't even thought of... but one thing I feel certain of, is that there will be no backtracking...from this point forward...whatever happens...they are a couple!

You Changed Me by joolzac

Stephen Nathan - Season 7

WetPaint did a nice summary of Give Me My Remote's interview with Stephen Nathan.

Bones Season 7 Scoop:

The Pregnancy News will Already be Out

The only thing remotely as exciting as Brennan and Booth’s shocking season finale baby news is the thought of the Jeffersonian team’s reaction to it. But executive producer Stephen Nathan told Give Me My Remote that, sadly, the news will have has already been broken come fall.

“When we come back, people will know [about the pregnancy],” reveals Nathan. But this fast-forward in time is for good reason: Emily’s very real, growing baby bump during the summer hiatus. Nathan explains, “Emily being pregnant, she’s probably going to be showing a little bit more than she is now. There’s a realistic time jump and we’re still working out how we’re going to deal with that.” Fair enough.

At least there’s one thing we can definitely look forward to (and breathe easy about) with Bones Baby #2. Nathan promises that when it comes to the baby’s health, “it is not our intent at this point to recreate the Hodgins and Angela pregnancy” — the source of much anxiety for the two new parents and fans. “That was their pregnancy; this is going to be Booth and Brennan’s pregnancy. Totally unique,” he promises. “And when baby is being born it is also not going to be done in the same way.”

We’re not sure what that last part means. Will Brennan give birth in the lab? With a midwife? Without Booth? We shudder to think. We also can’t wait!

2010/2011 - TV's Best Cliffhangers

TV Guide: The Season's Best Cliffhangers

Summaries and Photos are HERE!