Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On Vacation

David Boreanaz has been obsessed with Twitter ever since he started his own account inearly April. So I was surprised to read his posting on June 15 that said,

"Congrates to Boston. See everyone next Season. I'm off line for awhile, enjoy the tweet world everyone."

I seriously wondered how long it would last. As of this evening, he's still off-line and so is Jamie! I'm proud of them for taking themselves out of the public for awhile... well, at least as much as possible. Apparently, the media still has their cameras on him. It's hard to be mad at them when I love the photos so much. Does that make me a bad person?

The following photos were found in the Boneyard on the Fox site.

David, Jaime, Bella and Jaden at the LAX Airport leaving on a mini vacation,
June 17, 2011.

And look where they were found! In Hawaii... very lucky!
(And I think we're very lucky to see these hot pics of David!)

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