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EW - TV Finale Awards

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TV Finale Awards 2011

Bones placed in the top five in 9 out of 20 categories.
Eight of those were good places to be.

Best Overall Ending to an Otherwise Crappy Season

Saturday Night Live, 18%

2. Bones, 18% (just 19 votes shy of the title)
3. Glee, 15%
4. Gossip Girl, 13%
5. House, 8%

Fun fact: Three of these shows also landed in the top 5 for Worst Overall Ending to an Otherwise Solid Season...

Worst Overall Ending to an Otherwise Solid Season

Grey's Anatomy, 19%

2. Glee, 17%
3. The Office, 13%
4. House, 10%
5. Bones, 9%

Fun fact: Less than 100 votes separated No. 6 (Modern Family), No. 7 (How I Met Your Mother), and No. 8 (NCIS), which all had 8% of the vote.

Best Romantic Cliff-hanger

Elena, Damon, and Stefan, The Vampire Diaries, 30%

2. Castle and Beckett, Castle, 20%
3. Booth and Brennan, Bones, 16%
4. Barney and ?, How I Met Your Mother, 8%
5. Leslie and Ben, Parks and Recreation, 7%

Top Tissue Moment (Single Tear or Sobfest)

Damon's deathbed confession, The Vampire Diaries, 30%

2. Castle pulls Beckett out of the airplane hangar as Montgomery sacrifices himself, Castle, 21%
3. Angela and Hodgins have a healthy boy and name him after Vincent, Bones, 10%
4. Olivia's future funeral and Peter's subsequent grieving moment, Fringe, 7%
5. Sam accepts his memories of hell to go and be with his brother, Supernatural, 6%

Single Most Clever Twist

The return of Vicki and Anna, The Vampire Diaries, 18%

2. Peter doesn't exist, Fringe, 13%
3. Brennan's pregnancy, Bones, 11%
4. Stefan goes bad, The Vampire Diaries, 10%
5. Captain Montgomery is third cop, Castle, 8% (just 23 votes more than Beckett shot at funeral, Castle)

Fun fact: Brennan's pregnancy, Bones, was also voted the sixth Single Weakest Twist.

Most Disturbing Image

Stefan looking like a dog on a blood-bag binge, The Vampire Diaries, 27%

2. Penny and Raj in bed, The Big Bang Theory, 10%
3. Lockwood holding teddy bear and threatening Captain Montgomery's family, Castle, 10%
4. The body in the bowling alley, Bones, 9%
5. House plowing into Cuddy's house, House, 9%

Fun fact: Ron Swanson without facial hair, Parks and Recreation missed the top 5 by just 12 votes.

Most Rewound Moment

Damon and Elena's deathbed conversation, The Vampire Diaries, 27%

2. Booth's reaction to hearing Brennan say she's pregnant and he's the father, Bones, 17%
3. Castle's ''I love you,'' Castle, 12%
4. Blaine's ''I love you,'' Glee, 12%
5. Final moment, Smallville, 7%

SPECIAL AWARD: Biggest Regret That I Didn't See It, I Just Heard or Read About It

The Oprah Winfrey Show, 16%

2. Bones, 15% (a difference of 203 votes)
3. Cougar Town, for the Abed moment, 12%
4. Castle, 12%
5. Smallville, 12%

Fun fact: Fringe missed the top 5 by just 64 votes.

SPECIAL AWARD: Your Penultimate Episode Was Better Than Your Finale. Weird.

The Vampire Diaries, 29%

2. Glee, 15%
3. Bones, 11%
4. The Office, 9%
5. Grey's Anatomy, 8%

Fun fact: Modern Family missed the Top 5 by just 29 votes.


I'm very glad that the next category didn't include Bones! I had to include it because the difference in 1st and 2nd place was sooo huge that I feel sorry for my hubby (one of the show's biggest fans).

SPECIAL AWARD: Your Season Pass Is Now in Jeopardy

House, 60%

2. Glee, 7%
3. Gossip Girl, 4%
4. The Office, 4%
5. Supernatural, 3%

Fun fact: Nearly 60,000 votes were cast in this category. House received nearly 36,000 of them.

To see the rest of the results, click here.


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