Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One fan's opinion - No Backtracking in Season 7


Bonesology - General Spoilers - What does everyone think?

This response was posted on June 6, 2011 by mommahurley. Click the link HERE.

Yep... I can say I feel strongly that there will be no backtracking next season... just a new kind of evolution. They are together...they consider themselves a real solid couple...it's just going to be about maneuvering through the waters of how exactly they will do all of it. How they will comingle their different approaches and viewpoints while respecting the other, and doing what they feel is right for their child. I think we will see less "making out" and more "loving". I think we will see challenges, misunderstandings (and by this I can envision those misunderstandings being more of, each trying to make the other happy without really quite understanding what that is that will make them happy...but some interesting negotiations in trying to figure that out!) and ultimately some really good chemestry!

I think the arrival and the gestation of this baby will be quite unlike Hodgela baby...because Brennan and Booth are so totally unlike Hodgela in every way. I can imagine Brennan wanting to work until the minute the baby arrives, and metaphorically squat in the woods as women have done for centuries... Booth would be aghast at this kind of chance taking, but he'd respect her wishes. I can also see something like the baby arriving suddenly and without warning and they having to deliver it themselves... Brennan coaching Booth along. the total experience for Booth that he did not get the first time! And so ultra private...so "What's theirs is theirs".... Of course, I'm sure the writier have something in mind that we haven't even thought of... but one thing I feel certain of, is that there will be no backtracking...from this point forward...whatever happens...they are a couple!

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