Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An Epic Before Bed (FanFiction) - eitoph

I totally fell in love with this fanfiction story and the writer gave me permission to link it. You definitely don't want to miss it! It is very, very unique.

Writer's Summary:

I've wanted to write a fic about the fact that Brennan actually wrote an entire book about some fantasy life where she was together with Booth for a long, long time and the way 6.22 and 6.23 unfolded has given me that opportunity. I don't want this to stand as another fic speculating as to what happened in those (in)famous missing moments because there are so many wonderful interpretations already, so I've been deliberately vague with some of those details.

An Epic Before Bed

by eitoph

Link to the story on FanFiction.net


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