Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stephen Nathan - Season 7

WetPaint did a nice summary of Give Me My Remote's interview with Stephen Nathan.

Bones Season 7 Scoop:

The Pregnancy News will Already be Out

The only thing remotely as exciting as Brennan and Booth’s shocking season finale baby news is the thought of the Jeffersonian team’s reaction to it. But executive producer Stephen Nathan told Give Me My Remote that, sadly, the news will have has already been broken come fall.

“When we come back, people will know [about the pregnancy],” reveals Nathan. But this fast-forward in time is for good reason: Emily’s very real, growing baby bump during the summer hiatus. Nathan explains, “Emily being pregnant, she’s probably going to be showing a little bit more than she is now. There’s a realistic time jump and we’re still working out how we’re going to deal with that.” Fair enough.

At least there’s one thing we can definitely look forward to (and breathe easy about) with Bones Baby #2. Nathan promises that when it comes to the baby’s health, “it is not our intent at this point to recreate the Hodgins and Angela pregnancy” — the source of much anxiety for the two new parents and fans. “That was their pregnancy; this is going to be Booth and Brennan’s pregnancy. Totally unique,” he promises. “And when baby is being born it is also not going to be done in the same way.”

We’re not sure what that last part means. Will Brennan give birth in the lab? With a midwife? Without Booth? We shudder to think. We also can’t wait!

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