Thursday, June 9, 2011

What did those smiles mean? (Season 6 Finale)

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Is it just me, or did Brennan seem shocked that Booth was happy about her being pregnant on Bones? — Josh

It's not just you. "There was a little something in that," executive producer Stephen Nathan says. "She's spent six years slowly becoming more and more in touch with a softer side of herself. And this was sort of one final emotional touch from Booth that says, 'You can enjoy this. You can accept this as the most wonderful thing in the world.'"

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I usually don't like what SN has to say, but his answer was so... right. They've grown to trust each other, love each other and become better people together than they are apart. Booth has helped her tear down those walls. The last thing she wanted to learn was the happiness of, as Bones would say it, having progeny. She was insecure and he gave her assurance. As much as I wanted to see a kiss, I think the smiles and what they meant was the perfect ending to a tough season. It had me feeling so good that I decided to find some good photos that showed their journey. Please forgive me if a couple are out of order.



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