Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hart's opinion on the (Anti)Social Media & on FANS

Hart Hanson, Bones' showrunner, is pictured on the far left.

Hart Hanson has a lot of reasons to be grateful for Bones fans. They helped turn the show he created into an indisputable, if unassuming, hit: it was FOX’s number one scripted series for the 2010/11 season, and its spinoff, The Finder has been picked up for next season. But there's also a downside to success, especially on social media sites where some of the most passionate fans can be less than sociable...

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My thoughts: Hart Hanson and Stephen N. have hurt their reputations through Twitter and through interviews because of their negative views of fans. SN's comment about fans wanting porn almost makes me want to quit watching Bones. They are insulting even to respectful "super fans." What they don't understand is there are super fans that are not on the internet because they didn't grow up using it. Think about it. Even David's generation (mine) has been slow to use the internet.

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