Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bones Season Six Ratings by Biba79

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I know a lot of fans want to dismiss the falling ratings to it being a holiday thing in December. If that makes people feel better, that's fine. But I disagree.

Since it was talked about in the summer, I was looking forward to The Doctor in the Photo. But I was one of many, many fans over at the Boneyard who had given up on the show and stopped watching. Some people quit before I did. Some people said they were quitting after TDitP. I skipped both episodes in December because I was getting depressed and that's not how I wanted to spend my weekend.

I came back in January and almost didn't return after the first episode, but the Bullet in the Brain preview brought me back and I'm glad I stuck with it after that. Since then, I've seen the ending of TDitP. I may watch all of it at a later date. The Twisted truck episode... It's unlikely I'll ever watch it.

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