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Another Promo for The Blackout in the Blizzard

Here's the newest (4th) video clip. I had to link it because I couldn't find away to attach it. It's a very intense clip where Sweets tries to get Booth to talk about Hannah and how it is affecting B&B. Booth gets very angry. Watch at your own risk.

Source: TV Line

Three new teaser videos for the Bizzard Episode!
Source: spoilersguide.com/Bones/

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Interview with David: Talks about B&B Relationship

I finally found the interview I was remembering. I wasn't dreaming after all!

This interview was posted on February 4 on the Bones Spoilers Blog.
You can see it here.

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TV Guide Photo

Click on the photo to get the print enlarged.

After seeing the preview (posted below), I'm hoping for at least one kiss. After all, how realistic would it be for them to go from talking about satisfying sex (Bones said "making love"!) to making wishes about when to get together without some kind of physical affection? Anyone with me on that?

Knowing that PBD distraction is gone and there aren't anymore in sight, I won't be throwing any shoes if it's not going fast enough for me. As long as there is hope... and wishes... Then I'm a happy girl.

But... It would have been a better Christmas present. Getting rid of PBD took way too long. She had her purpose. It didn't need to suck the life out of the show for so long.

I realize the producers have to pretend that they were over the moon with how the season started, but even the critics are bold enough to tell the truth. HH took a huge gamble that was seriously unpopular. The ratings may have been good, but that's because fans are not only loyal but hopeful. The ratings started to go down and HH changed direction just in time. For that, I am grateful.

There's one thing HH and the writers need to fix for me to buy into the storyline 100% again. I need a good explanation from Booth about why he proposed to H after he implied to Brennan that he loved her the most and he wasn't going anywhere. How is she supposed to believe that she isn't the comsolation prize. I hope HH keeps his head out of the spin-off long enough to fix all of hs mistakes on Bones.

This photo was part of an interview with David Boraneaz. The guy is hilarious! You can see it here.

Preview for The Blackout in the Blizzard

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New Extended Ending to The Wannabe in the Weeds

Title: Now, That's More Like It!

Disclaimer: Bones and its affiliated characters do not belong to me. I mean no copyright infringement

Summary: Each "chapter" is a one-shot. I have either rewritten/extended an ending for a single episode or for a single scene in an episode. There are no connections between the one-shots. Therefore, I'm only relying on the episodes to lead me and not others story endings that I have written. Each new chapter/ending will list the spoilers and rating since they are one-shots. These are written by a shipper. *_^

Spoilers: 3

Rating: PG

Author's Notes for this one-shot: This episode was followed by The Pain in the Heart. In that episode, everyone presumes Booth is dead. At the funeral, Booth is disguised as one of the soldiers. As expected the funeral brought a criminal out of hiding and Booth takes him down. Brennan punches Booth and he falls to the ground. It turns out that Booth had put her name on the list so that she would know the truth, but Sweets didn't tell her because he wanted to study her reactions.

The Wanna-Be in the Weeds

(Season 3)

New/Extended Ending

From the ending scene at the Checker Box where Brennan sings "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cindy Lauper.

Booth: Your need to sing in front of a live audience. It's innate, Bones.

Bones: No way.

Booth: Hey, I got the music, the frivolity. What else do you want?

(Sweets talks her into singing on stage. Former suspect, Pam Nunan, comes into the karaoke bar with a gun to shoot Brennan. She calls to "Seeley". Booth jumps up and blocks the bullet from hitting Brennan. Booth falls to the floor and Brennan rushes to his side. When she sees Pam is ready to take another shot at her, she picks up Booth's gun and shoots her in the neck.)

Hodgins: Zack. Call 911.

Brennan: Booth, you're gonna be fine. I'm right here. Come on. You're gonna do this. You're gonna be fine. You're gonna make it. Come on! Come on, Booth! Come on!


Brennan waited in the surgical waiting room with Cam, Angela, Hodgins, Zack, and Sweets. Brennan felt sick as she desperately tried to maintain her decorum. She'd noticed Sweets was watching her intently from time to time.

A middle-aged doctor walked into the room. "Agent Booth's family?"

Brennan was the first to reach the doctor. C

am asked the question they were dreading an answer for. "How is he?"

"Agent Booth is out of surgery and in the Intensive Care Unit. He's in critical condition. He suffered a pneumothorax, which is a dropped lung, as well as some muscle damage. The next 24 hours will be touch and ago. We are keeping an eye out for an infection that could settle in the wound."

Brennan didn't know how she was still standing. He'd lost so much blood by the time the paramedics arrived. She heard Cam talking to the doctor, but she wasn't listening anymore. He was alive. The next 24 hours were critical.

Angela draped an arm around her shoulder. "Sweetie, Booth can have one visitor at a time. You should go. We'll be here in the waiting room if you need anything."

Brennan simply nodded and Angela followed the

doctor taking Brennan with her.


Sweets received a text from Cullen so he excused himself saying that he needed to use the bathroom. Instead, he went to the ICU to meet with Cullen. When he got there, he took Sweets to a private room. Sitting around the small room were three agents. He looked at Cullen in surprise.

"Sit down please, Dr. Sweets." He did as he was told and Cullen started to explain the plan. "As you know, Booth is in critical condition. What you don't know is that he is doing better than expected and the doctors are hopeful that he will continue to improve. That brings us to one of Booth's unsolved cases." Now Swee

ts was even more surprised and very, very curious. "Of course, we hope for the best. Booth is one of our best agents and he is a good man with many friends in the bureau. If it's the fortunate case that he recovers, we will put him into hiding so that we can falsely report his death. We believe the suspect, Roger Morris, will be watching closely to assure he is dead and no longer a threat. We'll be staging a viewing at the funeral home, and if necessary, a funeral."

"Wow. Okay. How can I help, sir?"

"Who do you think we should inform of Booth's true condition? The list needs to be as small as possible. Of course, his son's mother will

be informed. Ms. Stinson has already decided to leave the city and stay with her parents for Parker's sake."

"That's a good idea. What about Dr. Brennan?"

"I would like your professional opinion on that."

"Okay, well, Dr, Brennan is exceptional at compartmentalizing and masking her emotions. She takes the truth to the extreme, but in this instance, I believe she would be willing to keep up false pretenses for Booth's safety and for the increased likelihood of capturing and trying Roger Morris."

"Good. I was hoping to spare myself from her wrath afterwards for not being told."

Sweets smiled for the first time since the shooting. Dr. Temperance Brennan wasn't a person people wanted to mess with.


Brennan had been at Booth's bedside and holding his hand for an hour when Sweets walked in.

"Dr. Brennan?"

"Sweets. What are you doing here? Only one person can visit at a time. Did... you… want some time? I can wait in the hall for a few minutes."

"That's not why I'm here. If you could come with me, Director Cullen and I would like to talk to you about some FBI business concerning Agent


Brennan reluctantly left Booth and followed Sweets. Cullen explained their plan and how Brennan was expected to help work that plan.

"When you are speaking with anyone, you won't be giving truthful updates. At this time tomorrow, we will secretly be transferring him to another hospital outside D.C. I'm sorry to report that you'll have limited personal contact with him after that. However, you will be given an FBI issued phone to use for the purpose of communication. The morning news will broadcast the false report of his death."


Brennan waited another half and hour after returning to Booth's bedside when his eyelids started to flutter open. She squeezed his hand tightly.

Booth woke up to find his partner looking down at him with a smile and what he guessed were happy tears.

"Booth," was all she could manage to say.


"I'm so glad you're okay." Suddenly she became upset for a whole other reason.


"Don't you ever do that again!"

"Do what?"

"She softened, regretting that she was the cause of his increased heart rate which showed on the monitor.

"Do you remember anything that happened before you were shot?"

"Yeah. Unless it was all a drug induced dream." He chuckled and he promised himself not to be doing that again anytime soon.

"What do you remember?"

"I remember you singing. You're a wonderful singer, Bones. Just like your mother said."

"Thanks, Booth. I told you so."

He smirked. "You're a good performer, too. Now I understand why you needed the music and frivolity. And then I heard someone calling me by my first name. I turned around and saw it was Fat Pam."

"Booth," she warned.

"I saw Pam Nunan. She was aiming a gun at you. I jumped up to shield you. I pulled my gun, but it was too late. The last thing I remember was your beautiful face marred with worry. You were trying to tell me something, but I don't know what."

"I was telling you that you were going to be okay. I've never been so scared in my life."

"Not even when your parents and brother left you? Not when you had to go to a new foster home and a new school?"

"They take a close 2nd and 3rd."

"Really, Bones? I'm that important to you?"

"Yes. You're the best friend I've ever had."

"You, too, Bones. No one knows me like you do."

She leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He was just as shocked as the first time when he postponed Russ's arrest. But this time, he saw it coming and he could savor it.

Remembering what he'd said about her face being beautiful and Pam Nunan saying she was scrawny, the question just popped out of her mouth. "Do you really think I'm beautiful?"

"Yes, Bones. I really do." He pointed to his other cheek. "Can you give me another one of those light feathery kisses on the other cheek?" She chuckled but did as he asked. After all, it wasn't like it was unpleasant.

The Wanna-Be in the Weeds

My Favorite Quotes

Zack: My regimen is easily completed in my apartment: treadmill for thirty minutes, a hundred sit-ups, push-ups, and leg lifts, and twenty minutes of free weights. I'm deceptively strong.

Cam: I'm deceived.

Bones: Hey, break down the door.

Booth: It hurts my shoulder when I break down the door.

Bones: You're implying she was sexually stimulated.

Booth: So were they? Did they… (Booth claps his hands together horizontally thinking he would understand that it meant sex.)

Bones: Did they have sexual intercourse?

Victim's Neighbor: Well, if they did, it was through a locked door.

Bones: So, no?

Booth: Very good, Bones. Let's go.

Bones: Why are you clapping like that?

Bones: You are ogling that woman.

Booth: What? No, I'm not. I'm just…

Bones: Yes, you are.

Booth: I-I'm just admiring her routine.

(B&B question the fitness club owner.)

Bones: Booth!

Booth: Yeah? (He's distracted.)

Bones: That's not helping the investigation.

(Booth shrugs his shoulders.)

Booth: It's all very dangerous.

Sweets: Mocking will not change my opinion. I've been mocked many, many times before… That came out wrong.

Booth: And don't even think about leaving town. Both of you are under investigation for murder.

Bones: They are?

Booth: No. I just don't like them.

Booth (to Bones): I'd say you were kidding, but I don't think you know how to kid.

Bones: The guitar string could definitely be the murder weapon.

Booth: Because it cut the cheese?

Hodgins: You're totally gonna be cleared.

Booth: You can't say that. This is my place.

Booth (to Bones): You need to sing in front of a live audience. It's innate, Bones. Hey, I got the music, the frivolity. What else do you need?

FanFic Info

In my FanFiction story, A Hero's Sacrifice, Brennan gets a new hairstyle for her "undercover" assignment. Here are a couple of similar options that I imagined.

chocolate cherry medium choppy style #1


A similar style with more curl and no cherry highlights. #2

Which is your favorite?

And here's the outfit I imagined Brennan wearing
when she revealed her new hairstyle to Booth and Cam.
(Click on the link. The site wouldn't let me save the photo.)

Here's a link to my story "A Hero's Sacrifice."

Spin-off News

Written by: Meredith Jacobs

Source: examiner.com

In an upcoming episode of Bones, which airs Thursday nights at 9PM on Fox 5 in Queens, the characters of the upcoming spinoff will be introduced. They will be led by Geoff Stults as Walter "the Locator" Sherman, and he and Booth (David Boreanaz) are not exactly happy to see one another again.

According to TVGuide, there's no love lost between the two, who have a "spotty working relationship." However, that's not the only reason Booth doesn't like Walter. Just like other shows have done (NCIS, Criminal Minds), the characters will be introduced via the FBI agent and the Jeffersonian team this season, and in that episode, "Walter gets a 'booty call' from Brennan." This is bound to lead to some jealousy from Booth—especially since he already doesn't like the guy. Yes, Booth proposed to Hannah, but no one's willing to believe his feelings for Brennan just went away completely. It sounds likely even if he's buried them, they'll come back with the possibility of her being with another man. But will anything happen between Brennan and Walter?

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Fun Emily & David Photos

Remembering the 100th Episode & Looking forward to the rest of season 6

The 100th Episode of Bones changed everything!

By Jethro Nededog

To say that this has been our favorite season of "Bones" would be... a grossly inaccurate statement. Though there have certainly been a few amazing stand-alone episodes, the arc of the series since it hit the big 1-0-0 has mostly just made our heart hurt -- and not in the good way. But there's reason for optimism for the rest of Season 6. Booth and Brennan are returning to a more harmonious, hilarious and potentially re-romantic partnership and there's a new big bad to tackle. "The Killer in the Crosshairs" brings back Booth's sniper menace, whose threat may hit very close to home for the Jeffersonian crew. Also: Billy Gibbons is back as Angela's dad!

Source: Zap 2 It

Promotional photos for The Killer in the Crosshairs

When I first saw these photos from the heart-crushing 100th episode, I had no idea things could get worse on this show for B&B and the rest of the cast. Now that the Pretty Blonde, Distraction is gone, maybe the show can get back on track. What a relief to have happy Thursdays again!

Confession Time is Coming!

Then, following a two-week break and one sniper-centric episode, the partners in crime solving experience a different kind of private time on March 17, when in the midst of a city-crippling blizzard, they find themselves sequestered inside a rickety elevator cab.

Sweets, chiming in now and again from beyond the stalled elevator’s doors, “is kind of the only person with them, and of course he’s always goading them into talking about their relationship. So there’s a lot of fun with that episode,” Nathan teases. “There are some moments where Brennan and Booth look at each other… and make some admissions.”

Source: tvline.com

To Tell The Truth

Before this season of Bones is over, Booth and Brennan will tackle a case that leads them to a support group for people who tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. To gain the members’ trust and pursue the investigation, Booth will have to demonstrate before them that honesty is the best policy. Will his bit of truth-telling encompass his complicated feelings for Temp? I can say this: At minimum you will learn if Seeley is partial to boxers, briefs… or, um, nothin’ at all.

Source: tvline.com

Around the Web

Season 6: Episodes 12&13

Bones Episode 13: The Daredevil in the Mold – I give it a B.

I liked this episode. There were a couple of funny moments. The case was okay. To me, this episode was about the relationships. It opened up with talk about relationships. It ended with relationships. And there were scenes in between. The proposal and the ending scene took almost 10 minutes!

Booth & Hannah Storyline

Booth implies to Brennan that she is the one he loves the most. That person she turned away is still there.

Booth is pushed into a proposal by Sweets.

Hannah is looking for a good time.

Booth is looking for marriage.

Booth’s proposal is weak. He says he loves her. He didn’t think he would meet anyone else. Says, “Marry me. I want you to be my wife.”

Hannah isn’t the marrying type, but Booth hasn’t been listening.

Booth did not beg. He just walked away. Booth didn’t want to be alone. Booth was more in love with being in love and being married than he was with her.

Hannah thought they would have more time before it became serious. She knew he was the marrying kind, but she was going to use him while she had him.

Hannah wants to go back and pretend the proposal never happened.

He wouldn’t look at her. Maybe a tear or two. Looks mad and upset.

Booth has determined the relationship is over, wants to know when she’ll be out of the apartment, and he throws the ring in the reflecting pool.

Hannah doesn’t think they’re done, but they’re done for now.

When Brennan tells him that Hannah called, he doesn’t want to talk about it. He’s done. He’s over it. Instead of talking about Hannah, he talks about him being the common denominator. That’s the evidence. Women don’t want what he has to offer.

Booth is mad at all three.

Booth & Brennan’s History & Present

Booth & Brennan have a long-term partnership and close friendship.

Booth told her she is the one. He knew right from the start. He’s that guy. He wants 30, 40, 50 years.

Brennan said she couldn’t change. She needed to protect him from herself because she knew he wanted marriage. She cared enough to let him go.

He held on. He continued eye contact for awhile. Lots of tears and blood shot eyes.

Booth says he has to move on, but he will still work with her. They leave the Hoover with arms wrapped around each others shoulders.

Brennan runs away to Indonesia. Booth goes to Afghanistan.

Several months later after Hannah arrives, she wants him to be happy. She becomes friends with Hannah.

Brennan admits that she has regrets. Upset that they missed their moment.

Booth is mad that Brennan wants to know what’s next. He draws a new line. She has two choices: being just a partner or working with a new FBI guy. She chooses to be a partner.

Can B&B overcome all of this? Yes. I think that Booth not ending it Hannah because something better came along will be more reassuring to Brennan later. I think they have switched places. At FF, Brennan is realizing how much she really hurt him. Brennan will now have to convince Booth that love can last and it's worth it.

The promo & promotional photos: I think it should be an interesting episode.

Bones Episode #12 (The Sin in the Sisterhood) Review (B+)

The Good, the Funny, and the Positives

In the Corn Field: Booth was interested in what Brennan was talking about.

Booth’s Advice to Cam: How many chances should Paul have? Booth says 9. He didn’t give Bones that many chances. Right away he needed to move on. I know it’s not the same situation, but then he said… “You deserve someone great. And if you feel this guy is “the one,” then don’t let him get away.” Seriously Booth? What a coward Booth is in his personal life. Remember when Booth told Sully not to let Brennan push him away? Booth really needs to start taking his own advice. Anyway, even though I’m mad at Booth for being a, what words does he like to use? Oh yeah… dimwit, moron, bonehead, asshat, numbskull… you get the idea… Anyway, even though this is how he’s acted, I’m hoping he will remember his own advice soon and things will click with him. He needs his loyalty turned toward Brennan who he’s been with for 6 years and not someone he loves “good enough” that he’s known for less than a year.

Wendell:We’re looking for a horny farmer. Yes, we are.” LOL! I loved all of the Wendell and Brennan scenes.

Phone Calls: I love how excited Brennan was when Booth called (right after the discovery of the horny farmer). Cam ignoring Paul’s phone calls… strange, but I loved how fine Angela was with it… There’s more than one way to communicate. That’s Ange!

Partners: Booth introduced Brennan as his partner! YES!!!!

No Life: (Wendell): “See, Dr. Soryon, it’s okay. No one has a life around here.”

Guns: The pecan farmer was just creepy, but I love how Sweets kept digging at a confession. I think most suspects would have accidentally said what Sweets wanted to hear. And when he listed all the guns… funny. Cam being excited about the gun… funny! I loved these lines…. (Hodgins): Who let Cam shoot a gun? (Wendell): The second amendment.

Religion: Everything seemed right in B&B world when they bickered about Booth’s religious beliefs. I love how he spun around on the barstool gloating. Contestant #1… too funny! After explaining she had filed for divorce, I love his “I told you so” type response… “How’s that for happiness? (Takes a sip of coffee) Ahhhh!”

Angela & Hodgins: Awww! I loved their sweet moment after Angela said she needed a second wife to help her and then asks if he would ever want a second wife. “If I could marry you twice, I would do it in a heartbeat.” And then Hodgins was way too adorable when he discovered something important in the case. “This baby is going to be so proud of me.” And then he kisses Angela’s stomach. Such an “awwwww” moment.

Paul: When he finally gets his act together, he doesn’t take “no” for an answer. I thought the kiss after he pulled Cam to him with the scarf was really cute.

Car Scene: I was one of those people who liked it. 1) Their silliness was IC as seen on a couple of other occasions such as “He likes us” when Sweets wanted to continue seeing them (The Verdict in the Story). 2) In behind the scene footage, it appears that David & Emily are naturally fun together like that. 3) Brennan got caught agreeing with Booth. 4) I love how happy and surprised Booth was at just the fact that his Bones was laughing. I loved this Boothy line: “No more anthropology. You live with three wives, it’s like a breeding ground for revenge and violence.”

Final B&B scene at the FF: It was perfect!!! I don’t really care why Hannah wasn’t there, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Booth had no idea if Hannah was available or not. I love how he very quickly followed his excuse of Hannah’s absence with signaling a waitress for their usual. Now, I’m not sure how a waitress would know their usual after so many months of missing B&B alone times there, but I love how much it communicates a return to the past… well, that’s my opinion. I loved Brennan’s surprise that Ed Samuel didn’t spend his Sundays alone and that Booth immediately knew why he was always spending it with his 1st wife. Very clever of the writer’s to use this story line for Booth to communicate going back to the 1st one, the one he loves the most. It will go a long way in reassuring Brennan of Booth’s love…. As long as the writers don’t screw it up with a proposal or continued relationship with Hannah. I don’t think anyone should deny that the conversation turned into one about B&B because Brennan was obviously asking about them when she wanted to know the “what if”: what if someone lets the “best one” get away? Booth had a great answer that the best one isn’t going anywhere. Booth better not break her heart! I love how Booth was getting caught looking at her. Loved his big smiles and how he was leaning over the table towards her like he used to do so often in pre-Hannah days.

The Annoying, the Bad, and the Negatives

The Promo: As much as I loved this episode, the promo immediately following it sucked most of the happiness right out of me. You can find the latest interview with SN here: http://www.tvguide.com/News/Mega-Buzz-Bones-1029015.aspx

I'm worried about this week's episode. It may have a relatively good outcome, but I'm unsure I actually want to watch it. I don't want to see an emotional Booth because of a break-up with another woman. I never wanted to believe the relationship was actually serious the way SN and HH insisted it was. I don't want to see him buy a ring and obviously don't want to see a proposal. Geesh, I'm upset he was even considering it after what he said to Bones in the last episode. So if SN is actually telling the truth about the conclusion of the Hannah SL, I'm still uninterested in how the writers got to that point. Besides, "big game changer" could actually mean they are engaged and who knows what criptic meaning is behind the conclusion of a SL. I'll watch the Valentine's episode if Hannah is really out the door.

The Corn Field: It’s winter. Do I need to say more?

The 1st Delivery: Why was Paul in a hurry at 6.5 cm dilated? Why had they been there for hours already? Huh?

Sister #2: Wasn’t it suspicious that she would know where the gun and bullets were kept?

Tutor: How was Jasper old enough to be studying chemistry?

Car Commercial: I don’t like the commercials in the episodes. And I’m just having a hard time with Brennan driving without Booth complaining about it.

A Look Back at last week’s episode (The Bullet in the Brain): I’ve been reading on the BY that Booth looks conflicted in the last scene instead of having a longing look. I disagree vehemently. I see longing inside the diner. I see longing mixed with regret when he’s watching her from the window.

Bones’ Ratings - http://bones.community.fox.com/go/thread/view/101374/25897229/SEASON_VI_RATINGS?pg=1


DATE ... Episode #s ... Viewer #s ... Demo 18-49
9/23 ... 601 ... 9.893 M ... 2.7/8
9/30 ... 602 ... 9.750 M ... 2.5/8
10/7 ... 603 ... 9.240 M ... 2.7/8
10/14 ... 604 ... 9.584 M ... 2.6/8
11/4 ... 605 ... 9.263 M ... 2.5/7
11/11 ... 606 ... 9.202 M ... 2.6/7
11/18 ... 607 ...9.403 M ... 2.7/8
12/2 ... 609 ... 8.833 M ... 2.3/7
12/9 ... 608 ... 8.358 M ... 2.2/7
1/20 ... 611 ... 10.553 M ... 3.5/9
1/27 ... 610 ... 12.049 M ... 3.9/10
2/3 ... 612 ... 10.197 M ... 3.3/9
2/10 ... 613 ... 9.938 M ... 3.2/8
2/17 ... 614 ... 9.836 M ... 3.3/9

The viewer numbers represent live plus same day DVR #s. The demo #s are for ages 18-49. After 7 days there is another count that represents additional DVR numbers. Overall those 7 day DVR numbers do not change the ratings. (As reported on the Boneyard)

1/27... Bones was up 11% vs. last week to a 3.9 adults 18-49 rating, its highest rating in nearly four years (2/14/07).