Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spin-off News

Written by: Meredith Jacobs


In an upcoming episode of Bones, which airs Thursday nights at 9PM on Fox 5 in Queens, the characters of the upcoming spinoff will be introduced. They will be led by Geoff Stults as Walter "the Locator" Sherman, and he and Booth (David Boreanaz) are not exactly happy to see one another again.

According to TVGuide, there's no love lost between the two, who have a "spotty working relationship." However, that's not the only reason Booth doesn't like Walter. Just like other shows have done (NCIS, Criminal Minds), the characters will be introduced via the FBI agent and the Jeffersonian team this season, and in that episode, "Walter gets a 'booty call' from Brennan." This is bound to lead to some jealousy from Booth—especially since he already doesn't like the guy. Yes, Booth proposed to Hannah, but no one's willing to believe his feelings for Brennan just went away completely. It sounds likely even if he's buried them, they'll come back with the possibility of her being with another man. But will anything happen between Brennan and Walter?

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