Friday, March 11, 2011

TV Guide Photo

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After seeing the preview (posted below), I'm hoping for at least one kiss. After all, how realistic would it be for them to go from talking about satisfying sex (Bones said "making love"!) to making wishes about when to get together without some kind of physical affection? Anyone with me on that?

Knowing that PBD distraction is gone and there aren't anymore in sight, I won't be throwing any shoes if it's not going fast enough for me. As long as there is hope... and wishes... Then I'm a happy girl.

But... It would have been a better Christmas present. Getting rid of PBD took way too long. She had her purpose. It didn't need to suck the life out of the show for so long.

I realize the producers have to pretend that they were over the moon with how the season started, but even the critics are bold enough to tell the truth. HH took a huge gamble that was seriously unpopular. The ratings may have been good, but that's because fans are not only loyal but hopeful. The ratings started to go down and HH changed direction just in time. For that, I am grateful.

There's one thing HH and the writers need to fix for me to buy into the storyline 100% again. I need a good explanation from Booth about why he proposed to H after he implied to Brennan that he loved her the most and he wasn't going anywhere. How is she supposed to believe that she isn't the comsolation prize. I hope HH keeps his head out of the spin-off long enough to fix all of hs mistakes on Bones.

This photo was part of an interview with David Boraneaz. The guy is hilarious! You can see it here.

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