Saturday, July 16, 2011

Recent tweets & photos from David...

I love these Tweets about Bones season 7!

July 10 - Read new epp of Bones, start of Season 7! Hold on it's gonna be good.

July 10 Retweet from Stephen Nathan- Big day at . Today we begin prep on the first episode of season 7! We need a gross set of remains. And a very comfortable bed.

July 15 - This will be the funniest Season on Bones. Banter and crime solving..oh, and a Baby. Word is the baby will be Jonathan Winters.

I love seeing photos of David with his kids. The bedhead cracks me up on David, but it's just plain cute on Bella! :)

David Boreanaz's photo Morning Child
David Boreanaz on WhoSay

David Boreanaz's photo On the ice
David Boreanaz on WhoSay

I love the socks... but with shorts? Hmm...

David Boreanaz's photo Kicking back
David Boreanaz on WhoSay

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