Saturday, September 25, 2010

Favorite Bones' Quotes

Some of My Favorite Bones' Quotes: some of these quotes I copied from Paul Ruditis's books on Bones. I've discovered one to be slightly inaccurate in wording so please forgive me for any errors.


Max: Are you sleeping with my daughter?

Booth: No.

Max: Why? Are you gay?

Booth: No.

Max: Is she not attractive enough for you?

Booth: Bones is beautiful.

Max: Is it because of me?

short time lapse

Max: You're a good man. I want that for her.


Hodgins: I figure a guy like you... I resign... that puts things right between us. Do we need to discuss it past that?

Booth: What are we? Girls?


Booth: Aiming. Agent. Booth. You mean like a hose?

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