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Now That's More Like It

Disclaimer: Bones and its affiliated characters do not belong to me. I mean no copyright infringement.

Summary: These are one-shot stories. I have either rewritten an ending for a single episode or for a single scene in an episode. There are no connections between the one-shots. Therefore, I'm only relying on the episodes to lead me and not others story endings that I have written. Each new ending will list the spoilers and rating since they are one-shots.

Spoilers: 4, 5

Rating: K+ (Parental Guidance)

IMPORTANT…. Author's Notes for this one-shot: This alternate ending is written from the perspective that the characters knew their background as seen in the 100th episode flashbacks. I will also write one from the perspective of when the show was aired and even the writer's probably didn't even know their background. LOL! I hope you enjoy the first one!

The Passenger in the Oven

(Season 4)

New Extended Ending ~ Version 1
(after the 100th episode flashbacks)

From the ending of the show: Booth is in italics.

(There may be slight variations to the words due to error in listening and recording. Some lines were eliminated.)

"Look what I found."


"There's that smile."

"Thank you."


"We don't even get to get off the plane?"

"No. They're refueling, finding us a new pilot, and flying us back home." (Sound Effect from Booth:Jooom.) "You want to get off the plane to see those old Chinese bones. I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault."

"Yeah it is because I'm the one who dragged you out of pure science and pulled you into murder solving"

"That's not how I remember it."

"Really?" He gets a dreamy, sexy expression as they start to lean forward from across the isle from each other.

"As I recall, I had to force you to take me out into the field."

"Really?" (He really looks to be in love and wants to kiss her. His lovey-dovey eyes and crooked smile are to die for.)

"Yes. You didn't want to. Remember? This is all my fault." Brennan remains sober but with a small smile.

("Hey, are you two going to make out?" cries Eli.)

"Hey, quiet. You lost your right to talk."

"Why do people always think we're going to make out?"

"I say we let him sit back there by himself the entire trip back."

"He did kill someone. And he ruined my dig. And you know he's going to try and drink all the champagne."

"We're gonna need some for later." They clink their glasses together. "To us."

"Wait. Why does your seat go all the way back and mine doesn't go all the way back?"

Maybe it's because you're supposed to be in coach.


"Booth, stop complaining and get over here. Try this one."

"Really? Thanks, Bones. Ah! This is more like it!"



"What was the real reason you came with me on this dig?"

"Are you saying that you didn't believe me, Bones? That hurts."

"I believed you, Booth. I just think you left out something."

Booth sat up slightly and looked at her. She still had her eyes covered with the sleeping mask. "Bones, I always worry about you when you go on a dig. Since the government wouldn't let you go alone, I had my excuse to finally see you in action. What did you say? You were going back to your real passion. Are you still awake?"

"Yes." She didn't remove her mask, but she was smiling.

"Good. Now that I'm feeling better that you're not bored, and I can see a second reason for coming."

Now the mask came off. He had her attention.

"You've seen me in my primary field. I haven't seen you in yours. Not really." He sighed. "I wish we could have stayed."

"And you thought the spark was gone." She shook her head, lay back down, and covered her eyes.

He leaned over and placed a kiss on her cheek. She smiled. "Thanks, Booth."

A few minutes later, Booth decided he just had to know. He leaned and whispered into her ear. "Bones? Are you awake?"


He chuckled. "Do you honestly not know why people are thinking we're going to kiss and make-out?"

She didn't answer right away. When she finally did, Booth thought he could breathe again.

"Booth, I really don't know why. Is it because we are such good friends and we trust each other implicitly?"

"I think that's probably noticeable. They see it with the way we act towards each other. But you had to think about that even though it was obvious to others. Do you think its possible people see other things you and I have buried? Angela is especially good at reading people. Does she see anything else?

She looked nervous. "Like what?"

"Like the remembrance of shared kisses and a night that didn't happen."

She didn't know how to respond. They hadn't discussed that night and acted as if it never happened. What was she supposed to say now? "We're partners, Booth. I don't think we should be discussing that."

"I understand. You don't want to talk about it. But there's still something I need to know." Before she could react, he had connected their lips in a gentle caressing kiss. He waited to see if she would respond. He was relieved that he didn't need to consider pulling back. She readily deepened the kiss and the memories of that night almost 5 years ago came flooding back.

"Maybe I had too much champagne," whispered Brennan.

"It's not working this time. You know exactly what you're doing." He returned to the kiss.

"Did you get your answer?"

"Yes. You remember that night. And…" He couldn't keep himself separated from her. She was so soft underneath his lips, she tasted so sweet, and her tongue was the most sensual thing he'd ever experienced.


He could barely breathe much less talk. "And you want me as much as I want you." He ended it with a low moan that he couldn't control. At least it wasn't loud.

She placed her hands on his chest and pushed herself away from him. He looked wounded. "But what about the FBI?"

"I'll take care of it."

"You don't know that. It's not in your control."

"Bones, I don't want to jeopardize our partnership anymore than you do. Please trust me with the FBI rules. Please?"

'I don't know what this means, Booth."

"It means that we stop pretending that we don't want more than our friendship and partnership. It means we take it one day at a time."

"But what if it doesn't work out? We won't have anything."

"I believe that everything happens for a reason, Bones. And I feel our friendship is strong enough that no matter where a more intimate relationship leads us, it can only be positive." She looked like she would run if she could. He hadn't planned it, but revealing his feelings here on the plane was a perfect place. "Please think about it, at least?" Although he tried, he couldn't keep the pleading from his voice. He'd really feel like a fool if she turned away.

"I can't make any promises, Booth. You know how inadequate I am in relationships."

"I didn't ask for one. I asked for you to think about giving us a chance… for having faith in our existing friendship and partnership to keep us safe regardless of the outcome. And… you're not as inadequate as you seem to think. No arguing," He warned.

She looked annoyed but softened just as quickly. "If I haven't decided to give us a try yet, can I still get one more kiss?"

He leaned forward hovering above her lips. "If you keep looking at me like that, you may get more than one." She giggled but it was muffled quickly as both of them settled in for another kiss.

Booth liked commitment and monogamy. He wasn't asking for it because it would only frighten and most likely paralyze her. But he believed in fate even though she didn't. And he had enough faith in them to carry them through the scary parts.

"Booth?" He didn't want to stop kissing her. Since it seemed like they were going to do more talking, he went to work on her neck. "Oh, that feels good, Booth." She moaned and that triggered another soft moan from him. "Booth?"


"Will you tell me what got you all bothered about my appearance in the galley? You've never been concerned during a case unless you thought I was cold or unsafe in some way."

The kissing was all forgotten as Booth tried desperately to regain his composure. It would take some time considering how hard he was laughing. All the Brennan could do in the mean time was to question his sanity.




Author's Notes: Coming up soon is version 2 written from the perspective of the air date and the 100th episode flashbacks never happened.

Also coming soon are alternate endings for more past episodes such as The Con Man in the Meth Lab (Brennan goes on a date with Jared), The Goop on the Girl (Brennan undresses Booth for evidence), The Man in the Morgue (New Orleans), Aliens in a Spaceship (Gravedigger buries Brennan and Hodgins), Death in the Saddle (pony-play fetish), Mummy in the Maze (Wonder Woman/Halloween), The Man in the Outhouse (Brennan dates two men at the same time), The Boy with the Answer (Gravedigger Trial), The Dentist in the Ditch (Brennan make a toast to "love"), The Night at the Museum (Egypt Exhibit), and many more!

I won't be rewriting the ending to the season 5 finale since I did that in my first two stories: He Called Me Baby and What Could Have Been.

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