Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One More Day!

I am clueless about what Booth may reveal to Brennan.

Was he lying when he said that Hannah was a consolation prize? I highly doubt it. In an interview, HH revealed that Hannah wasn't a consolation prize. Booth wasn't lying. (Although I wish it was true.)

Was he lying when he said he loved her in an atta' girl kind of way? Well, yes, he was. But it's been a moot point since the 100th episode.

Was he lying about why he changed his mind and went to Afghanistan? Maybe.

Was he lying when he said he'd rather go have lots of sex with Hannah instead of hearing Angela's and Hodgins' baby announcement? I'm afraid that could only happen in the world of fan fiction.

I'll probably be trying to guess all the way up to it airs tomorrow evening!

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