Monday, April 25, 2011

Review: The Truth in the Myth

Bones Episode #18 ~ The Truth in the Myth

I loved it! I give it an A! Here’s why:

  1. I loved the looks Booth gave Brennan, especially the flirty ones in the final scene!
  1. I loved how Booth fooled Brennan into thinking he’d seen the Yeti in Nepal, how she researched it because she wanted to believe him, how Booth reacted to Brennan giving him the benefit of the doubt, and finally, how he revealed that it was all a story.
  1. Bones: “Are you trying to confuse me?” Booth: “I might be!” – Loved it!
  1. Booth not being the least bit phased when Brennan corrected his grammar (explicable instead of explainable). “Sure… Like us.” Awww!

  1. Brennan’s attempts at cracking “moon” jokes, Booth’s reason for not laughing, Brennan accepting his reason and in turn missing his joke, and then his endearing smile at her when she wasn’t looking. It made Brennan’s fake laugh bearable.
  1. The pet psychic offering to help the goat and telling Sweets to talk to the horse and chickens for her alibi. LOL! And the bird thinking Sweets had a kind face (I think that’s what the psychic said) and Sweets feeling uncomfortable with it.… too funny.
  1. Angela’s great scenes with Cam: Angela is going to remember that Cam said she was a better person than herself. Angela challenging her work by dumping on Cam’s. She really set her straight!
  1. VNM knowing the sound of a raisin dropping in a glass of milk.
  1. Brennan’s reaction to VNM’s confession to telling his friends that they had a non-committed sexual relationship.
  1. Hodgins and VNM’s excitement over the Chupacabra.
  1. I loved both times Sweets was in the interrogation room. Loved how he helped write the script and that he was nervous acting with his dad in the first interrogation scene. (What’s with Sweets’ clothes recently? Maybe the person who has been dressing Brennan is now spending time with him?)
  1. Booth telling Bones to go ahead and join the public access show since nobody would be watching it anyway. LOL!
  1. I love how Hodgins handed the goat over to Booth.
  1. Loved Booth’s look of disgust when Brennan was sniffing at the body. “I hate when you do that.” LOL!
  1. Loved how Brennan was confused and didn’t like the feeling.
  1. Bones: “Why is it called the Pine Tree Manor when it’s obviously planted with cedar?” Booth: “I was just thinking that.” Bones: “Really?” Booth: “No.”
  1. Angela: "I read a study that says that husbands who suggest their pregnant wives are fat are far more prone to being slugged by them."
  1. Cam asking Hodgins and VNM if they were seriously expecting her to write cause of death as a goat sucker.

As far as what I didn’t like:

  1. The scene in Founding Father’s was too short.
  1. Booth toasting to job security because of stupidity and greed. It would have been funny if they weren’t working at solving murders.
  1. No explanation for VNM not having some sort of consequences for drinking during work hours.
  1. I liked VNM’s confessions of his false stories of sleeping with the women he worked with and the grocery coupons, but the other confessions I thought were lame.

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