Monday, May 2, 2011

Analyzing Season 6

In the Boneyard episode forum, Teresa made a great posting about the last episode: The Pinocchio in the Planter. With her permission, I'd like to share her thoughts:

"Hannah.. I think she was a rebound relationship and those never work out. Did he love her, I now think he did, but not in love and not for the right reasons.. She moved across the world for him, she wanted him. He was hurt and then all of the sudden he meets this beautiful woman that wants him. When she first meant Brennan she said, I have heard all about you. Which means Booth talked and talked about Brennan and Hannah stuck around. Now how many woman would stick around when a man is talking about another woman constantly. I think Hannah knew more about Brennan than she did about Booth.

Awkwardness between Booth and Brennan.. I had not thought of it, because I want them together. But, it makes sense. They have both admitted their feelings, they have both turned each other down, but are still working together.. They want to be together, because it is better to be together in any form than to be apart. It would be awkward, it would be uncomfortable. I have seen ex's that are fantastic people, but if you put them in the same room, no matter how civil and friendly, the air changes. These two love each other and don't want to scare the other one away, so they both try to hard to just be normal friends. This is probably what we are reading as no chemistry. Which, I actually applaud the actors on, how they can convince us how awkward they are. They are now actually getting back to the friends they started out to be, it seems to slowly, very, very slowly seems to be growing.

Sweets introduction is what I believe lead to all this dancing around their feelings. He was brought in to see if the Bureau needed to dissolve the partnership.. While his reasons for first being there had only to do with professional issues, it clearly evolved after he realized the intensity of their connection to each other. First, they don't want to have their partnership dissolved, so they fight for it and while doing so Sweets catches on, even if they are both oblivious to their feelings. Second, they believe the Bureau will severe their partnership if they have a relationship, which, I saw on some forum might not be true... The Bureau's policy would cover agents, which might not be valid in Booths and Brennan's case. She is NOT an FBI employee, she is NOT an agent. She is more of an outside consultant. I don't think their policy could regulate that. Her FBI pass when she is in the Hoover building is a Visitors pass working with Booth is a Visitor's pass, not an employee's pass.

Brennan not acting like Brennan - She wouldn't, she has changed, she has evolved. She can't go back to the Brennan she was, she has learned to much from Booth, she has opened herself up.. Obviously she admitted she is still not 'strong' enough, but like any of us, once you get the taste of something good, you don't just stop, you might refrain, but you don't just stop. Booth has been through alot. He has been rejected by 2 woman in a year. He has had his heart ripped out and stomped on, that will change you. Defense mechanism's on high alert, walls have went up, going to take awhile for them come back down. He has shut down while he mends.. This I can relate to, I have done it.. He lives by his gut, by his heart and when you do that and you have that kind of pain, you do anything to shield yourself from that pain, which is what he is doing.. And what Brennan did after her family left and never returned. He brought her out of her fortress, maybe he is slowly emerging from his too."

There's a great new thread in the Boneyard general forum called: Analyzing Season 6

JET started the thread hoping we can all have a place to discuss and analyze this season without the negativity that has been present in many of the episode threads. She writes...

"I believe it is possible to critically discuss what we have liked and disliked, what we wish had been done differently, etc. without getting personal or saying the show has been ruined. IMHO, one way to do this is to speak to what we think and to try to be more analytical than emotional. For example, instead of saying "I hate what they did with Booth's character this season", I might say "Booth's behavior has been so out of character for what we have seen over the previous 5 years. The Booth we knew wouldn't treat Bones the way he did when Hannah was around."

This has been a fabulous thread and would recommend it to anyone who likes Bones.

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