Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Season 7 is a GO for Bones!

It's been less than 24 hours and it's already old news. No surprise there. A Bones renewal was anxiously anticipated. The last renewal was in 2009, a 2-year contract, and then it was Hart Hanson that let the cat out of the bag. This time it was the guy with the new twitter account. LOL!

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Oh, Season 7 is GO for Bones

Oops... David Boreanaz has been having a ton of fun with his new-found friend... Twitter! I love his unofficial sneak peek photos on the set. I also love all his personal tweets with and about his family. What a true romantic & family man he seems to be. I'm glad he was able to get back on the right path with his wife.

Well, David set the media into a frenzy late last night and today and we didn't have to wait long for the official announcement... Bones has been renewed for one year rather than the 2 years that Hart Hanson (HH) had hoped for. Fox has profit to think about and Bones is now an at-risk show mostly because of its age and then because it had so many fans upset about the season. Just because fans try and stick through season 6 for something worth watching doesn't mean they'll return after a long summer hiatus if they still have little hope left after the finale.

I hope HH fixes things before it's too late. Chop-chop! (And throw in a doggy come 'ere whistle like Booth did to Brennan in the Finder episode.) *u*


Reported by Michael Ausiello

Make no Bones about it: Booth and Brennan will be back on the case next fall!

Fox has renewed the hit procedural for a seventh season after coming to terms on a new license fee agreement with producer 20th Century Fox TV.

Bones is creatively fresh, it’s a rock-solid player every time it airs and this season it has helped us win on Thursday nights for the first time in our history,” said Fox president Kevin Reilly. “Hart Hanson and the fantastic cast and crew, as well as the millions of loyal Bones fans, make this show really special, and I’m excited to have it on our air for another stellar season.”

The news comes at what could be a critical turning point in the show’s history. After six years of will-they-or-won’t-they anticipation, Booth and Brennan may be heading into next season as a full-fledged couple. Producers are also busy assessing what creative impact, if any, Emily Deschanel’s real-life pregnancy will have on the show.

TVLine’s handy Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect today’s good news!


While I agree that Bones deserves a ton of praise and that they did help Thursday evenings' ratings, I have to be honest here... American Idol (AI) did most of the work when it was brought to Thursday nights in January. AI also helped Bones ratings return to stellar numbers and off-set some of the fans that left for greener pastures... i.e. Shows that were entertaining without being depressing. Sometimes, the truth hurts. If Bones was the history making show with the amazing numbers they didn't need help to achieve because the writing turned off so many fans, and HH wasn't so arrogant with his fans and critics, I think a 2-year contract would have been a reward that matched such legitimate praise. Just saying...

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