Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tweeting at the Paley Center

My Favorite Tweets from the Paley Center on May 9, 2011

"He's gone Twitter crazy," Emily says of @David_Boreanaz. #bones #paleylivela

"You can't be Booth!" "I have a lot of props and put them in my pocket." David and Emily are talking about a (potential) FREAKY FRIDAY ep.

"How much can you do with skeletons?" Emily recalls saying. She thought the show would last 3 years. #bones #paleylivela

"I enjoy playing Agent's a blessing. The money's got to be f***ing right," David Boreanaz.

@David_Boreanaz just went into the audience to say hi to @tjthyne's parents. #bones #paleylivela

"I want to see us play tennis together," @David_Boreanaz tells Emily. "You're going to have to wait until I have the baby!" she replies.

People kept watching when Spock and Kirk had sex...wait was that just in fanfiction?" - @HartHanson #bones #paleylivela

Uh oh...@David_Boreanaz and his tweeting *may* have misled fans about a certain scene they thought they had figured out. #bones #paleylivela

David has gone Twitter crazy" says Emily Deschanel on @David_Boreanaz. 'All of Davids lines are 140 characters,' says @hartHanson #Bones

The cast and crew is unsure if they will be at this years 2011 #ComicCon. #Bones #PaleyLiveLA

"Emily is going to direct this show when she's ready," says EP/Writer @hart_hanson. #Bones #PaleyLiveLA

"We listen to advice," says EP/Writer @hart_hanson on #Castle show runners comments on the Booth/Bones relationship. #Bones #PaleyLiveLA

Hart Hanson: We'll probably go into Booth's backstory next year. We were planning to the season of the writers' strike. #Bones #PaleyLiveLA

"She kept asking for more takes," says star @TJThyne on Michaela Conlin getting to rip his armpit hair out. #Bones #PaleyLiveLA

There's a place for singing...On #Glee," jokes the writers and EP's of #Bones causing the whole audience to laugh. #PaleyLiveLA

Bones writer/EP @hart_hanson says they will never do a musical episode. @David_Boreanaz claims, "I can sing!" #PaleyLiveLA

"We bonded, we had lunch together every day," said star TJ Thyne of #bones on how he and Michaela Conlin worked together #PaleyLiveLA

"There are 8 scenarios how to possibly deal with it," says @hart_hanson EP of #Bones on Emily Deschanel's pregnancy. #PaleyLiveLA

'I think it's an issue that has to be dealt with pretty damn soon' says EP @HartHanson on the Booth/Brennan relationship #Bones

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