Monday, May 2, 2011

Season 6 Finale

Season 6 Finale of Bones: May 19

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Must-Watch Finales: Scoop on 39 Season-Enders

Bones (Fox)
Airs: Thursday, May 19 at 9/8c

Following the grim conclusion of the sniper arc, expect a lighter finale that finds Booth and Brennan going undercover to solve a murder tied to the bowling league of Brennan's father (guest star Ryan O'Neal). Meanwhile, Angela and Hodgins' baby will be born, despite a last-minute doctor switcheroo. And look no further than the episode's title, "The Change in the Game," for possible implications about Booth and Brennan's relationship status. Or as creator Hart Hanson puts it: "I don't think people will feel that there's an anti-climax by the end of the season."

Final Day of Filming

Summer 2010 ~ Comic Con

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