Friday, May 13, 2011

Videos from the Paley Center

On the red carpet at The Paley Center for Media’s celebration of Fox’s Bones, David Boreanaz talks about Booth and Bones as a couple, directing and more!

SqueeTV Interview with Emily Deschenal

The gorgeous and glowing mommy-to-be Emily Deschanel seemed relaxed and happy at the Paley Center for Media’s celebration of Bones. She spoke to SqueeTV about pregnancy nausea, what will happen with Angela and Brennan’s relationship with a baby in the picture and a possible Booth/Bones hookup!

SqueeTV Interview with Michaela Conlin

The stunning Michaela Conlin spoke to SqueeTV at Paley’s celebration of Bones and tells us about researching her birth scene, what will happen with Brennan and Angela’s relationship and much more about Season 7!

Give Me My Remote Interview with Stephen Nathan

Nathan teased bringing things to a head (without resolving them), losing one of their own, what Cam and Sweets will be up to in the last few episodes, and whether we’ll see more of Michelle next year.

Give Me My Remote Interview with Emily Deschenal

In what is probably one of the worst kept secrets around, Booth and Brennan will end up in bed together in tonight’s brand new episode of BONES. Of course, why they end up there and whether they are platonic bedmates remains to be seen.

When I caught up with series star Emily Deschanel (Brennan) before the Paley Center panel honoring her show, she told me she hadn’t seen those incriminating promos. However, she did tease that what we think goes down might not actually be the case…

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