Saturday, May 21, 2011

Initial Reactions

Wow! The finale was a shocker! Most likely you were shocked, too.

These are my initial reactions only: after watching the episode twice and reading two interviews done with executive producer, SN. One is on TV/line and the other is on Give Me My Remote. The second interview (GMMR) was crude and insulting and didn't add any warm fuzzies to my sad viewpoint.


Why should we believe that B&B have a relationship? I have seen no obvious signs of it since before the 100th. It seemed like it was SLOWLY getting back to normal after the blizzard episode, but it never developed. Instead we got an imagined sex scene which was confirmed to be just that... only sex. Before the finale, I believed that they had made love and I was okay that I didn't see it. But the finale proved that it had nothing to do with love. It was only sex. Brennan had to actually tell Booth that he was the father. Very insulting. There was affection at the end of Hole in the Heart. I personally saw none of that in the finale. B&B had to be told to show affection when we got to see a kiss on the cheek. Booth still walks next to Brennan with enough space for the Holy Spirit unless Bren links arms. What happened to Booth's hand at the small of her back? If I had seen that, just that, I could believe they were in a relationship that was moving forward with trust and love.

Not only have we had to endure Booth and Hannah talking about their sex life, we've had to see PDA and a few times going to bed or finishing up in bed together. One episode started with them in bed... makes me want to puke. We've seen Booth in bed after sex with Cam and Rebecca, too. And we don't even get a real kiss between B&B. Where is the relationship HH and SN want us to believe exists? And I'm tired of reading and hearing that they've had a relationship for 6 years. Huh? Booth wanted nothing to do with Brennan for over half of the season. The Hannah arc ruined everything for a believable B&B relationship. It could have worked, but HH and SN failed to deliver a believable story this season.

Before the finale, I was considering buying season 6 on DVD and just not watching the first 10 episodes ever again, but the finale made everything in the season's 2nd half a huge mockery.

It seems like everything before season 6 was a lie. Crappy sex vs making love... making love doesn't seem to exist for Booth anymore or on the show in general. Season 4: Booth didn't want a baby with Bones unless they had a committed relationship. We can say anything to each other... right Bones? (Season 5 Bond in the Boot). Of course we know that wasn't completely true with feelings. But now, in the Pinocccio episode, we hear Booth make a toast to things unsaid. Seriously?

I do believe that Brennan being pregnant will create some fun bickering and bantering but only if they're in a committed relationship. If they are only friends and partners after a one night stand, then it will be bickering out of annoyance from Booth like when he was with Hannah. That is not funny and it is not entertaining. After reading two interviews with SN, I'm concerned about B&B, but if they are careful, they can fix things. They won't ever be able to cover-up all the mistakes in season 6, but I'm hoping that good can come from the ashes.

I will post some ideas that may be possible within the next couple of days. My son just had major surgery and when he's sleeping, I can be on the computer. (My family and I have shifts.) Right now I gotta run. It's my sleep time (middle of the day) and will be for awhile.

Thanks for reading!


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