Monday, May 9, 2011

What did I think of episode 621 ?- The Signs in the Silence

Booth: “I’ll tell you what, when you get a good look at that pudgy, little baby face, hormones are going to go wacko, right? And before you know it, BANG! Mama Bones!”
Brennan: “That’s not how it happens, Booth."
Booth: “I think that’s how it works."

I LOVED this episode! It was my favorite of the season so far. I'd say it's even in the top 10 of the series. The case was awesome. It showed more development in Brennan's character. All of the shrinks were in character. Angela & Hodgins were hilarious! (I haven't been too impressed with them this season.) I loved Booth's revelation: He doesn't want his life to be about luck. I don't think he was referring to only Parker, but in a big way, he was referring to his relationship with Bones. Which is huge because she doesn't believe in fate. She wants to know that Booth wants her because he chose her and not for some unknown force because that would make her insecure thinking he may change his mind later when he "learns the truth about her"... as we heard Avalon say in Harbingers. Did you see that look between them after that revelation? Sweet! Loved it!

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