Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Interviews from the Paley Center - E Online

This is definitely my favorite of the Paley Center interviews from May 9, 2011!

Bones Finale Cliffhanger Is a "Big Emotional Drop"

We made sure that when the gang came down the carpet at the Paley Center Presents: An Evening with Bones, we stopped them so we could get info on the season six finale. "[There's] a little bit of a cliffhanger—a big emotional drop," David tells us. Hart echoes his actor's take on the cliffhanger by saying: "There's a reason to tune in for season seven."

In this video clip, you will see David hold Emily's stomach and Emily kiss David. I love the part of the interview when Emily talks. Booth and Brennan will defintely be together at some point. And will Emily be pregnant on the show? It could go either way. What does that say???

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